• The FTSE Group was founded in 2005, by Mr Raj. The 21st century for the
  • Group has been all about consolidating and growing the businesses.
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    • Owns one of Asia's largest banks of sophisticated construction equipments.

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    • We will be a respected global entrepreneur, through the power of positive action
    • The FTSE Group began its operations with the Reverse Engineering Technology for the Oil and Gas companies and and It quickly moved to capitalize on every emerging business opportunity. The Group also invested in a diverse Oil and Gas Parts, and oil rigs.

      Through the 2005, with the gradual liberalization of the Indian and Foreign economy, FTSE seized every opportunity that came its way. It diversified its Engineering field, started water and trading and in production of oil parts. The construction business helped the Group build most of its business assets.

      The 21st century for the FTSE Group has been all about consolidating and growing the businesses, with mergers and acquisitions, new revenue streams and strategic geographical expansion.