• Moving beyond Indian frontiers, the FTSE Group continues to grow internationally
  • through focused strategies.
    • FTSE

    • Owns one of Asia's largest banks of sophisticated construction equipments.

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    • The FTSE Group is a multinational conglomerate and a leading player in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Engineering, Water Technology, Trading and Minerals. With operations in more than 3 countries across three continents, the group employs over 220 people.

      FTSE began as a engineering company in 2005 and diversified into manufacturing, services and trading. Over the last decade, it has grown through strategic global acquisitions and partnerships, capturing new markets and clients.

      Today, the Group continues to expand its global footprint, focusing on markets in Asia, Middle East and America. FTSE invests significantly in the latest technology to drive forward and backward integration in its businesses, and on leveraging synergies between these businesses. It also focuses on in-house research and innovation to be a low-cost manufacturer with high quality products and innovative customer offerings.

      Alongside its ambitious business pursuits, FTSE has been committed to its social responsibility.

      FTSE is committed to sustainable business practices. Our HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management system is on par with global standards. We are also taking climate change initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. A growing number of our businesses with new businesses joining the list every year are certified to international environment standards, like ISO 9001 / 14001, and health and safety standards, like OHSAS 18001.

      The FTSE Group is widely regarded as a responsible and conscientious global employer. It has experience in managing businesses in different geographies with a culturally diverse workforce. This is why its people practices are sensitive to cross-cultural nuances. The Group's people strategy is focused on promoting a learning culture that continually enhances the professional skills of its employees.